Mini Copy Book

Rudyard Kipling

Kim and the Art of Begging

A street urchin of Lahore takes it on himself to provide a naive Tibetan monk with a hot meal.

Length: 110 words

Mediaeval History

The Assassination of Thomas Becket

Four knights thought they were helping their King, but they could not have made a greater mistake.

Length: 117 words

Lives of the Saints

Angels and Men Agree

The birth of Jesus Christ fundamentally changed the relationship between mankind and the angels.

Length: 105 words

Music and Musicians

Mistris Park

Several English pianists impressed Joseph Haydn on his visits to London, but Maria Hester Park was a particular favourite.

Length: 60 words

Classical History

An Appeal to Philip Sober

A woman convicted of a crime she did not commit took her case to a higher power.

Length: 59 words

Stories in Short

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The mayor and corporation of Hamelin outsource a rodent problem to a professional rat-catcher.

Length: 110 words