Mini Copy Book

Music and Musicians

‘God Save the King!’

The simple melody of the United Kingdom’s national anthem has stirred the souls of some great composers.

Length: 57 words

Lives of the Saints

St Dwynwen

St Dwynwen was a 5th century princess regarded by some as Wales’s answer to St Valentine.

Length: 55 words

Lives of the Saints

The Martyrdom of St Alban

Alban voluntarily swapped places with a priest, and was executed for being a member of a banned religious sect.

Length: 115 words

Discovery and Invention

Earl Stanhope and the Re-Invention of Printing

Britain never knew she was a nation of voracious readers until printing entered the steam age.

Length: 52 words

Classical History

First Contact

Julius Caesar came over from France expecting to silence the noisy neighbours, but things did not go according to plan.

Length: 57 words

Poets and Poetry


A poem about the blessing of fond memories.

Length: 58 words