Mini Copy Book

International Relations

International Intermeddling

John Bright asked the people of Birmingham to spread the word that a great nation, like any good citizen and neighbour, does not meddle officiously in the affairs of others.

Length: 110 words

Free Speech and Conscience

Truth By Statute?

John Milton reminded Parliament that the Truth wasn’t what they and their fact-checkers in Stationers’ Hall made it.

Length: 57 words

Roman Empire

The Foolish Emperor

Emperor Julian cast off his Christian upbringing to gain the favour of Rome’s pagan gods, but in the heat of battle they deserted him.

Length: 116 words

Indian History

Zenana Mission

Hannah Mullens describes her battle to reach out to wealthy Indian ladies with nothing to do, nothing to think about and nowhere to go.

Length: 114 words

Stuart Era

Something Rotten in the State of Denmark

When Ambassador Molesworth criticised the government of Christian V, the Danish king cried ‘off with his head!’.

Length: 56 words

Stories in Short

The Phantom Rickshaw

Jack Pansay has just bought an engagement ring for the bewitching Kitty Mannering, yet to his annoyance it is the late Mrs Wessington he is thinking about.

Length: 114 words