Mini Copy Book

The Second World War

Leslie Howard

Howard gave his life to saving the ‘great gifts and strange inconsistencies’ of Britain’s unique democracy.

Length: 58 words

Greek and Roman Myths

Apple of Discord

Thetis snubs Eris, goddess of Discord, and sets off a series of events leading to the Trojan War.

Length: 59 words

Lives of the Saints

Stick and Carrot

The Virgin Mary and her son team up to get the best out of some careless monks.

Length: 59 words

Modern History

Florence Nightingale

Florence used her logical mind and society connections to save thousands of lives in the Crimean War.

Length: 108 words

The First World War

The Battle of the Somme

A British victory at tragic cost, in which both sides had to learn a new way of fighting.

Length: 56 words

Roman Empire

The Fall of Constantinople

Hospitality and sympathy, but no help - the Byzantine Emperor learns a bitter lesson about western diplomacy.

Length: 116 words