Mini Copy Book

Aesop of Samos

The Eagle, the Jackdaw, and the Shepherd

An over-excited jackdaw goes out of his league, and pays the price.

Length: 58 words

Aesop of Samos

The Farmer and the Buried Treasure

An affectionate father came up with an imaginative way to get his sons to work on the farm.

Length: 58 words

Aesop of Samos

The Partridge and the Cockerels

It’s hard when messed-up people treat you badly, but if you take it personally it only makes it worse.

Length: 57 words

Greek and Roman Myths

Hephaestus and the Love Net

When he caught his wife with her lover, the ugly blacksmith of the gods showed that he was not without his pride.

Length: 57 words

Discovery and Invention

Sir Titus Salt

His alpaca-wool mills near Bradford proved the social benefits of private enterprise in the right hands.

Length: 113 words

Animal Stories

Typical Cat!

When a cat comes into your life, resistance is futile.

Length: 44 words