Mini Copy Book

Mediaeval History

An Unsuitable Job for a Bishop

Richard the Lionheart told Philip, the martial Bishop of Dreux, to decide whether he was a bishop or a knight.

Length: 58 words

Indian History

The Lessons of Empire

The British Empire’s hostile breakup with India should have taught everyone two things: money cannot buy love, and power does not command respect.

Length: 108 words

Modern History

The Verdict of History

Two of the Victorian Age’s most distinguished historians locked horns over the question of whether historians should be nice.

Length: 120 words

Indian History

The Considerate Queen

When the young Aga Khan visited London in 1898 he was presented to Queen Victoria, and found her cultural sensitivity deeply touching.

Length: 59 words

Bible and Saints

The Lord Is My Shepherd

King David expresses his trust in God in terms remembered from his years as a shepherd boy.

Length: 60 words

William Shakespeare

The Quality of Mercy

Shylock is savouring revenge on Antonio for years of disgusting mistreatment, but the judge warns him to temper his demands.

Length: 60 words