Mini Copy Book

Discovery and Invention

Guns and Chaldrons

In 1770, agriculturist Arthur Young published his diary of a six-month tour of the north of England, which included a visit to the coalfields and ironworks of the Tyne.

Length: 114 words

Stuart Era

Traveller’s Check

A much-travelled Spanish visitor amazes an English audience with his tales of wonder overseas, until he is brought up short by his servant.

Length: 60 words

Poets and Poetry

The Candidate

William Cowper’s peace was shattered by the arrival of a Parliamentary candidate doorstepping his Buckinghamshire constituents.

Length: 116 words

Poets and Poetry

A Kitten’s Jest

In ‘Familiarity Dangerous,’ poet William Cowper tells a little tale warning that if you join in the game you play by the rules.

Length: 59 words

Indian History

The Tea Committee

Sir William Hunter looks back over a Government committee’s plan to introduce tea cultivation to India in 1834.

Length: 116 words

Stuart Era

The Furcifer

In the days of King James I, Thomas Coryat visited Italy and came home with an affected Continental habit: eating with a fork.

Length: 118 words