Mini Copy Book

Extracts from Literature

One Last Question

English lawyer Sydney Carton goes to the guillotine in place of a French aristocrat.

Length: 110 words

Poets and Poetry


A poem of nostalgia for the sea breezes and yellow gorse of Northumberland.

Length: 50 words

Poets and Poetry


A meditation on our instinctive love for the place in which we live.

Length: 59 words

Character and Conduct

Triumph in Adversity

Two famous figures, one from the sciences and one from the arts, who turned suffering to advantage.

Length: 59 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Straightforward English

If freedom and democracy are to have any meaning, the public must be able to talk back to their governors.

Length: 59 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Violet van der Elst

An eccentric, self-made businesswoman, who ‘made three fortunes and spent five’ in the campaign against the death penalty.

Length: 58 words