Mini Copy Book

Mediaeval History

The Lion and the Ant

Richard I thought a veteran Crusader and conqueror of Saladin could handle a few French peasants.

Length: 117 words

Poets and Poetry

Eddi’s Service

Rudyard Kipling’s poem about St Wilfrid’s chaplain and an unusual Christmas congregation.

Length: 114 words

Lives of the Saints

St Wilfrid and the Fishers of Men

Driven out of Northumbria, Bishop Wilfrid goes to the south coast and saves a kingdom from starvation.

Length: 59 words

Lives of the Saints

St Bede and the Singing Stones

The Northumbrian monk is duped into wasting one of his beautifully-crafted sermons on a row of dumb rocks.

Length: 59 words

William Windham MP

A Tax on Companionship

William Windham MP was appalled at the idea of levying a tax on man’s best friend.

Length: 54 words

Discovery and Invention

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway

Businessmen in Liverpool engaged George Stephenson to build one of his new-fangled railways.

Length: 115 words