Mini Copy Book

Parables of Jesus

The Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen

While the owner is away, the men he has hired to tend his vineyard conspire to seize it for themselves.

Length: 59 words

Classical History

Brought to their Knees

Agricola, tasked with subduing the people of Britain to Roman colonial government, persuaded them to wear servitude as a badge of refinement.

Length: 117 words

Russian History

Prav’, Britaniya!

Herbert Bury’s duties took him back to St Petersburg after the Russian revolution of 1917, but all he could think of was how it used to be.

Length: 115 words

Extracts from Literature

Exit Lord Pudding

Piqued by the way French and German literati mocked the English, Charles Dickens urged his compatriots to be the better men.

Length: 113 words

History of China

‘Tremblingly Obey!’

Following a historic embassy in 1792-93, Chien Lung, the Emperor of China, despatched a haughty letter rebuffing King George III’s offer of trade.

Length: 113 words

Robert Louis Stevenson

On Falling in Love

Shortly after meeting Fanny Osbourne, Robert Louis Stevenson reflected on the different ways in which falling in love affects a man.

Length: 115 words