Mini Copy Book

Angevin & Plantagenet Era

The Peasants’ Revolt

In 1381, fourteen-year-old King Richard II was faced with a popular uprising against excessive taxation and government meddling in the labour market.

Length: 57 words

The Hundred Years’ War

The Battle of Neville’s Cross

Ralph Neville spoiled David of Scotland’s alliance with France in the Hundred Years’ War

Length: 56 words

Classical History

Hannibal’s Passage of the Alps

Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps with nearly 50,000 men and 38 elephants is the stuff of legend.

Length: 52 words

Classical History

A Bird in the Hand is Worth...

The Roman Emperor Honorius, so the story goes, had more on his mind than the impending sack of one of Europe’s iconic cities.

Length: 58 words

Classical History

The Last Gladiator

The people of Rome suddenly turned their back on centuries of ‘sport’ - all because of one harmless old man.

Length: 57 words

Lives of the Saints

Cuthbert and the Miracle of the Wind

The young monk taught some hard-hearted pagans a lesson they’d never forget.

Length: 52 words