Mini Copy Book

Animal Stories

The Cats’ Tea Party

Gertrude Jekyll throws a tea party for her nine-year-old niece and some very special guests.

Length: 117 words

Gardens and Gardening

The Artist Gardener

Gertrude Jekyll explains the difference between a garden and a collection of plants.

Length: 110 words

Sport and Sportsmen

A Chess Problem

Milne felt that chess was a game deserving of its place in the gallery of sports, but also that it had a drawback.

Length: 111 words

Aesop of Samos

The Wolf, the Fox and the Monkey

A Wolf and a Fox go to court over a petty theft, but they have a hard time getting the Judge to believe them.

Length: 60 words

Lives of the Saints

The Beautiful Side of the Picture

Heathen prince Boris I of Bulgaria (r. 852–889) commissioned St Methodius to paint an impressive scene for his palace walls.

Length: 119 words

The Hundred Years’ War

‘Let the boy earn his spurs!’

At the Battle of Crécy in 1346, the English army was trying out a new military tactic under the command of a sixteen-year-old boy.

Length: 112 words