Mini Copy Book

Mediaeval History

Isabella Calls Time

The Despensers ensured that King Edward II never left their sight, but it was what Queen Isabella was doing that should have worried them.

Length: 110 words

Mediaeval History

The Battle of Bannockburn

Edward II hoped to outshine his famous father by bringing Scotland under the English crown, but Robert the Bruce was ready for him.

Length: 172 words

Mediaeval History

Fatal Distraction

Edward II was given the crown of England on condition that he had nothing more to do with Piers Gaveston, and he did not keep his word.

Length: 119 words

John Bright

The Best Man for the Job

The Victorian working man had John Bright’s respect and unwavering support, but he could expect no special favours.

Length: 113 words

Discovery and Invention

Private Risk, Public Benefit

For George Stephenson, the motto of the Stockton and Darlington Railway was a code to live by.

Length: 118 words

Extracts from Literature

A Glide Into the Future

A dinner host enthralls his guests with an extraordinary scientific experiment.

Length: 115 words