Mini Copy Book

Free Speech and Conscience

A Right and a Duty

The tighter the US Government’s stranglehold on dissent grew, the harder Daniel Webster fought for freedom of speech.

Length: 117 words

Poets and Poetry

On Westminster Bridge

On his way to war-torn France, William Wordsworth passed through London and was overwhelmed by the quiet of the early morning.

Length: 57 words

American Revolutionary War

English Spirit

Edmund Burke told the House of Commons that the American colonies’ refusal to be dictated to by Westminster was the very spirit that had made the Empire great.

Length: 119 words

Greek History

The Liberty of Athens

The supreme arts and literature of ancient Athens all sprang from the State’s refusal to interfere in the life of the citizen.

Length: 60 words

Greek History

The Glory of Athens

Classical Greece has been an inspiration to every generation because she stands for the triumph of liberty and reason over prejudice and power.

Length: 60 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Duties of Government

John Bright told his Birmingham constituents that if Britain was indeed a great nation, it was because her public was contented and not because her empire was wide.

Length: 60 words