Mini Copy Book

Sport and Sportsmen

The Ashes of English Cricket

How the cricketing rivalry between England and Australia got its name.

Length: 56 words

Extracts from Literature

First Impressions, Second Thoughts

Elizabeth Bennet began to wonder if being Mr Darcy’s wife might have had its compensations.

Length: 60 words

Discovery and Invention


An improbable chain of coincidences led to one of the great medical revolutions just when it was most needed.

Length: 51 words

Aesop of Samos

The Bald Lover

A man’s mid-life crisis leaves him a little ... exposed.

Length: 60 words

Discovery and Invention

Jesty and Jenner’s Jab

Benjamin Jesty and Edward Jenner continue to save millions of lives because they listened to an old wives’ tale.

Length: 59 words

British Myths and Legends

Robin Hood and the Debt of Honour

The outlaw showed that strange as it may be, he did have a code of honour.

Length: 156 words