Mini Copy Book

William Shakespeare

‘To Thine Own Self Be True’

Standing on the dockside with Laertes, who is eager to board ship for Paris, Polonius takes a moment to share some fatherly wisdom.

Length: 57 words

Abolition of Slavery

The Ordeal of Harry Demane

After word came that Harry Demane had been lured aboard a slave-ship, Granville Sharp had only a few hours in which to make sure he did not sail.

Length: 112 words

Character and Conduct

Through Russian Eyes

After a visit to England in 1847, Aleksey Khomyakov published his impressions of our country and our people in a Moscow magazine.

Length: 118 words

Classical History

What It Is to Be a King

Alexander, who had just taken the bath intended for his vanquished enemy Darius of Persia and was now eating Darius’s supper, was interrupted by a commotion in the camp.

Length: 116 words

Lives of the Saints

Ranulf’s Tooth

As he sat in his guest room at Durham Abbey, Ranulf de Capella could think of nothing but finding someone to rid him of his painful toothache.

Length: 120 words

Stuart Era

The Royal Oak

In 1680, Samuel Pepys sat down with Charles II to record how, many years before, a bold double-bluff saved the King from Cromwell’s men.

Length: 115 words