Mini Copy Book

Indian History

Mysore’s Golden Age

The Princely State of Mysore (today in Karnataka) was hailed as an example of good governance to all the world.

Length: 104 words

Stories in Short

The Tempest

A duke with a passion for the art of enchantment is stranded by his enemies on a deserted island.

Length: 112 words

Music and Musicians

Francesco Geminiani

The most brilliant violinist of his generation, whose finely-crafted compositions showed off bravura and spoke tenderness.

Length: 54 words

Free Speech and Conscience

The Firstborn Liberty

John Milton (of ‘Paradise Lost’ fame) urged Parliament not to fall into bad old habits of censorship, whatever their fears may be.

Length: 56 words

Extracts from Literature

Inquire Within

Philosopher and social activist John Stuart Mill discusses the most liberating kind of education.

Length: 54 words

Stuart Era

Charles I and his Parliament

Charles took his rights and duties as a King with religious seriousness, but Parliament’s sense of both right and duty was just as strong.

Length: 115 words