Mini Copy Book

Stories in Short

Too Clever By Half

Mrs Tabby White thought she’d try some of the clever things her humans did.

Length: 50 words

Stories in Short

The Selfish Cat

A tortoiseshell laments his hard life among heartless humans.

Length: 102 words

Stories in Short

The Kitchen Cat

Ruth Lorimer’s strangely comfortless life changes when she finds a scruffy little cat on the stairs, but not everyone is pleased.

Length: 102 words

Lives of the Saints

St Nicholas of the Cats

A very unusual monastery with some very unusual protectors.

Length: 56 words

Cat Stories

Angel Cat

Cats do have a conscience: it tells them when to look innocent.

Length: 55 words

Greek and Roman Myths

Theseus and the Minotaur

A warning not to be forgetful of others, even in triumph.

Length: 56 words