Mini Copy Book

Discovery and Invention

Land of Opportunity

Edward III enticed over-regulated Dutch textile workers across the Channel with the promise of English beef and English beauties.

Length: 115 words

Extracts from Fiction

The Woman in White

Walter Hartright tried to help a distressed woman find her way into London, but the incident has left him with nagging doubts.

Length: 114 words

British Myths and Legends

Grendel’s Mother

After driving the man-eating ogre Grendel from Hrothgar’s hall, Beowulf must now deal with Grendel’s anguished and vengeful mother.

Length: 174 words

British Myths and Legends

Death Grip

The terrible monster Grendel, secure in the knowledge that no blade can bite him, bursts into Hrothgar’s hall expecting another meal of man-flesh.

Length: 114 words

Tudor Era

Fly on the Wall

Henry VII made sure that he had eyes and ears wherever they were needed to put an end to thirty years of political conspiracy.

Length: 117 words

British Myths and Legends

A Prince Among Thieves

In the days of Henry VIII, eminent Scottish historian John Major looked back to the reign of Richard the Lionheart and sketched the character of legendary outlaw Robin Hood.

Length: 59 words