Mini Copy Book

Music and Musicians

On Thin Ice

Charles Villiers Stanford found it necessary to play dumb on a visit to snowy Leipzig.

Length: 111 words

History of Australia

The First Fleet

Having brought hundreds of convicts to New South Wales, Arthur Phillip then had to conjure order out of their chaos.

Length: 112 words

Greek and Roman Myths

Niobe’s Tears

Niobe, daughter of Tantalus, was so proud of her fourteen children that she brazenly claimed the privileges of a goddess.

Length: 118 words

The Second World War

Hearts of Steel

The Maharaja of Jodhpur called on his subjects to do their bit and stop the Nazis.

Length: 112 words

Extracts from Literature

New Purpose

Two British spies look out over war-torn Belgrade, and find the inspiration they need to go on with their dangerous mission.

Length: 59 words

Lives of the Saints

A Light to Lighten the English

Even before he was born, St Dunstan was marked out to lead the English Church and nation to more peaceful times.

Length: 59 words