Mini Copy Book

Extracts from Fiction

Powder Keg

Overwhelmed by a London wedding, William Marston seeks safety in the company of a children’s nurse, but safety is not what he finds.

Length: 118 words

Free Trade and Markets

A Conflict of Interest

Economist Adam Smith warned that when Western commercial interests get involved in policy-making abroad, war and want are sure to follow.

Length: 116 words

British National Character

Unsuitable for Export

Our peculiar brand of democracy and liberty is a noble thing, but we should be wary of recommending it to other countries.

Length: 119 words

Indian History

The Indian Mutiny

The Indian Mutiny began with a revolt among disgruntled soldiers, and ended with the making of the British Raj.

Length: 169 words

Indian History

The Causes of the Indian Mutiny

Incompetence, arrogance and some mischievous propaganda all conspired to throw India into chaos.

Length: 170 words

Animal Stories

Good Morning, Mr Horse

A young Nathaniel Hawthorne recalls a confidential conversation with a tired old horse.

Length: 169 words