Mini Copy Book

Biographical Extracts


A doctor is wondering how to apologise for being drunk on the job, when he receives a letter from his patient.

Length: 60 words

Mediaeval History

Duet for a Captive King

Legend tells how Richard the Lionheart’s favourite singer found where Leopold of Austria had stowed him.

Length: 59 words

Mediaeval History

Richard Unchained

A conspiracy of European monarchs sought to delay Richard the Lionheart’s homecoming long enough for John to steal his crown.

Length: 111 words

Edward Trelawny

Byron and the Black Horse

The flamboyant English poet went to extreme lengths to get a refund on an unsatisfactory purchase.

Length: 60 words

Greek History

Wrath Reawakened

During the Orlov Revolt of 1769, Greek islanders get their hands on a copy of Homer’s epic tale of Troy.

Length: 59 words

Music and Musicians

Big Hitter

Meriel Talbot’s distinguished career in government came as no surprise to those who had seen her at the wicket.

Length: 106 words