Mini Copy Book

Music and Musicians

The Siren ‘Greatness’

In encouraging women into music, Alice Mary Smith thought promises of ‘greatness’ counterproductive.

Length: 58 words

Jacobite Rebellions

The Jacobite Rebellions

Loyal subjects of King James II continued to fight his corner after he, and any real hope of success, had gone.

Length: 54 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Fit and Proper Persons

No one is more dangerous than the man who thinks that it is his destiny to direct things for the common good.

Length: 61 words

Indian History

Victoria and the Munshi

Abdul Karim’s rapid rise in Victoria’s household made him enemies.

Length: 57 words

Indian History

Equal before the Law

Queen Victoria assured her subjects that there were no second-class citizens in her eyes.

Length: 56 words

Lives of the Saints

St Elizabeth the New Martyr

The grand-daughter of Queen Victoria was as close to the poor of Moscow’s slums as she was to the Russian Tsar.

Length: 109 words