Mini Copy Book

Music and Musicians

Kelly’s Hero

While on tour in Austria, Irish tenor Michael Kelly was introduced to Mozart, and discovered a man of many talents and much kindness.

Length: 116 words

Discovery and Invention

Not Ready for Power

Man had proved spiritually unprepared for the discovery of coal, said Robert Bruère, and was poised to squander the next energy revolution too.

Length: 121 words

International Relations

The Crudest of Mistakes

Sir Bernard Pares warned that after the Great War, Western powers must not assume Germany’s role as supercilious bully.

Length: 58 words

Animal Stories

The Serum Run

Twenty teams of dogs ran a life-or-death race against time over Alaska’s frozen trails to bring medicines to desperately sick children.

Length: 59 words

Animal Stories

French Leave

A French poodle won the heart of a fastidious English officer by covering him in mud.

Length: 118 words

Animal Stories

Oh Hame Fain Wad I Be!

A cat moved home from Edinburgh to Glasgow and seemed to settle in nicely, but it turned out she was only biding her time.

Length: 114 words