Mini Copy Book

Stuart Era

A Corant On the Heath

Highwayman Claude Du Vall robbed a carriage on Hampstead Heath in the most courteous manner imaginable.

Length: 122 words

Discovery and Invention

The Spinning Mule

It was not just his own family that wanted to know what Samuel Crompton was doing by night in his quaint Bolton workshop.

Length: 118 words

French Revolutionary Wars (1793-1802)

‘Really, I do not see the signal!’

During the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, Horatio Nelson decided it was time to turn a blind eye.

Length: 117 words

Lives of the Saints

‘Why Am I Still Lying Here?’

Cuthbert, struck down by plague, was vexed to find that his brethren had been praying for him all the previous night.

Length: 59 words

Modern History

Cut From Other Cloth

While inspecting troops in Colchester for duty against Napoleon, the Duke of York came upon one man who gave new meaning to the word Veteran.

Length: 59 words

Classical History

‘Macedonia Is Too Small for Thee’

Plutarch tells us how Alexander the Great came to bond with Bucephalus, the mighty stallion that bore him to so many victories.

Length: 116 words