Mini Copy Book

Bible Stories Retold

Noah’s Flood

God’s love proved to be bigger and stronger than all man’s wickedness.

Length: 57 words

Lives of the Saints

St Wilfrid’s Debt

The Blessed Virgin Mary adds four years to the life of Bishop Wilfrid, and an angel suggests a suitable thank-you.

Length: 59 words

Greek and Roman Myths

The Siege of Troy

Paris, prince of Troy, takes the not unwilling Queen of Sparta back home with him, and sparks ten years of diplomatic tension and ten of war.

Length: 174 words

Stories in Short

The Cat Who Walks by Himself

The sly cat hatches a plan to get all the benefits of domestic life without any of the responsibilities.

Length: 172 words

The United States of America

The Pig-and-Potato War

In 1859, peaceful co-existence on the Canadian border was severely tested by a marauding pig.

Length: 56 words

Discovery and Invention

The Iron Horse and the Iron Cow

Railways not only brought fresh, healthy food to the urban poor, they improved the conditions of working animals.

Length: 55 words