Mini Copy Book

Extracts from Literature

Tom Pinch Goes Up to London

Tom Pinch, who has seen at last what kind of man his apprentice-master Seth Pecksniff is, leaves Salisbury to seek a new life in London.

Length: 115 words

John Stuart Mill

The Decencies of Debate

Abusive language, straw-man arguments and downright ‘fake news’ should have no place in civilised debate, but censoring them is far worse.

Length: 110 words

John Stuart Mill

Social Intolerance

Even where freedom of speech and conscience are not curtailed by law, there is another kind of censorship that is just as destructive to progress.

Length: 113 words

John Stuart Mill

Three Aspects of Liberty

John Stuart Mill set out three kinds of liberty essential to a truly free society: freedom of conscience, of tastes, and of association.

Length: 119 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Peterloo Massacre

A rowdy but good-humoured crowd gathered in St Peter’s Fields, Manchester, to protest against electoral malpractice and Government cronyism.

Length: 115 words

American Civil War

A Letter to the President

Two years into America’s Civil War, cotton workers in Manchester defied current opinion among politicians and the press, and pledged their support to the Union.

Length: 58 words