Mini Copy Book

Poets and Poetry

‘The Overland Mail’

A tribute to the postal workers of British India, and to the kind of empire they helped to build.

Length: 111 words

Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815)

The Sneeze of History

It was the opinion of Leo Tolstoy that even Napoleon was never master of his own destiny.

Length: 57 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Big Spenders

Adam Smith warns that politicians are the last people who should lecture the public about how to run their affairs.

Length: 53 words

French Revolution

The Glorious First of June

Admiral Lord Howe battered a French fleet far out in the Atlantic, and helped prevent the spread of bloody revolution.

Length: 57 words

Sport and Sportsmen

Arthur MacPherson

MacPherson’s tireless efforts to promote Russian sport earned him a unique Imperial honour, and the enmity of the Communists.

Length: 53 words

Sport and Sportsmen

The Aspden Cup

British factory workers started a historic three-cornered league in the Russian city of St Petersburg.

Length: 53 words