Mini Copy Book

Lives of the Saints

The Voice of an Angel

A tenth-century Greek monk is joined by a total stranger for Mattins.

Length: 109 words

William Shakespeare

Viola Draws a Blank

Viola tries to tell Orsino, Duke of Illyria, that his beloved Olivia is not the only woman deserving of his attention.

Length: 54 words

Music and Musicians

Ode to (English) Joy

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was commissioned by a fiercely independent Britain, and Beethoven was excited to oblige.

Length: 54 words

Extracts from Literature

A World of Differences

Emma tries to reconcile her father to the unaccountable tastes of his nearest and dearest.

Length: 52 words

Extracts from Literature

Twelve Poor Men and True

Charles Dickens explains the thinking behind Jesus Christ’s choice of friends.

Length: 60 words

Extracts from Literature

The Train of a Life

In Charles Dickens’s tale set around Mugby Junction, a man sees his life flash by like a ghostly train.

Length: 61 words