Mini Copy Book

Liberty and Prosperity

The Letter of the Law

After witnessing a bus conductor’s battle of wills with the London public, journalist Alfred Gardiner felt obliged to give him a little advice.

Length: 60 words

Extracts from Literature

A Pinch of Snuff

Marguerite, Lady Blakeney, is powerless to intervene as her husband Sir Percy walks into a trap.

Length: 108 words

Indian Myths

The King of the Banyan Deer

The lord of Benares is so partial to venison that fields lie fallow and marketplaces stand empty while his people catch deer for him.

Length: 118 words

Aesop of Samos

Governor Wolf

Following the election of a new leader, the wolves listen with approval to his plans for a fairer pack but there is something they don’t know.

Length: 59 words

Character and Conduct

No Offence

The people who oil the wheels of society are not the people who never give offence, they are the people who never take any.

Length: 110 words

Character and Conduct

A Work of Art

The man who seems frustratingly dull and awkward may shine in other company, and we owe it to him and to ourselves to read the signs.

Length: 56 words