Mini Copy Book


The Cherry Tree

In the Great War, the Japanese were among Britain’s allies, and the Japanese cherry was a symbol of the courage demanded by the times.

Length: 55 words

Japanese History

The Changing Face of Japan

Joseph Longford described how Japan had changed from the day he first joined the Japan Consular Service to the day he retired as Consul in Nagasaki.

Length: 111 words

Biographical Extracts

Mrs Sancho’s Barometer

Ann Sancho would be in better health, said her husband, if she did not worry quite so much about him.

Length: 54 words

Liberty and Prosperity


At the very centre of Sir Robert Peel’s idea of policing was the constable’s beat: a few streets, shops and families that he must know and care about.

Length: 57 words

Liberty and Prosperity

A Policeman’s Lot

The Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police reiterated that what they liked best was a policeman who never arrested anyone.

Length: 110 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Most Perfect State of Civil Liberty

Chinese merchant Lien Chi tells a colleague that English liberties have little to do with elections, taxes and regulations.

Length: 119 words