Mini Copy Book

Music and Musicians

Anne Ford Thicknesse

A young English girl in Dr Johnson’s London struggles to share her gift for music.

Length: 116 words

Bible and Saints

Birds of Paradise

Anglo-Saxon poet Cynewulf paints a word-picture of heaven and the seraph-band that swoops and soars before the throne.

Length: 51 words

Mediaeval History

Lambert Simnel

Henry VII must decide how to deal with a boy calling himself ‘King Edward VI’.

Length: 55 words

Extracts from Literature

Wild Goose Chase

Sir Walter Scott warned that schoolchildren must not expect to be entertained all the time.

Length: 114 words

Music and Musicians

Beethoven’s First

Everyone wanted to know who Beethoven’s favourite composer was.

Length: 58 words

Music and Musicians

‘My English Joy’

In 1837 William Sterndale Bennett, then regarded as England’s most exciting young composer, made history in quite another... field.

Length: 53 words