Mini Copy Book

Stuart Era

The Prisoner from Provence

When Saint-Mars arrived to take over as warden of the Bastille in 1698, staff at Paris’s most famous prison had eyes only for his prisoner.

Length: 172 words

Russian History

Invitation to a Viking

The interminable squabbling among the Slavic peoples around the southeast Baltic prompted their leaders to drastic action.

Length: 59 words

Tudor Era

An Admirable English Custom

Dutch scholar Desiderius Erasmus urged Fausto Andrelini not to miss out on England’s enchanting contribution to good manners.

Length: 59 words

Greek Myths

The Fall of Icarus

Trapped in Crete with his son Icarus, the craftsman and inventor Daedalus realises a bold and desperate plan to get away.

Length: 120 words

The British Constitution

Liberty and Prosperity

There are solid reasons why countries with lower taxes and less regulation tend to be more prosperous.

Length: 117 words

Liberty and Prosperity

‘God Never Sends Mouths Without Sending Meat’

Riding through Sussex, William Cobbett comes across a large family relaxing together in front of their charming cottage.

Length: 117 words