Mini Copy Book

Liberty and Prosperity

The ‘Empire’ of Free Trade

Free trade brings to smaller nations all the advantages of empire without the disadvantages.

Length: 55 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Bond of Liberty

Edmund Burke told fellow MPs that the only way to unite the peoples of the Empire was for London to set them an enviable example.

Length: 54 words

Liberty and Prosperity

The Servants of One Master

Some people are not more equal than others, nor are they entitled to more life and liberty.

Length: 53 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Man Was Not Made for the Government

Good government is not about enforcing uniform order, but about maximising liberty among a particular people.

Length: 48 words

Liberty and Prosperity

A Little Common Sense

William Pitt the Elder doubts the wisdom of letting experts run the country.

Length: 58 words

International Relations

The Jealousy of Trade

David Hume encourages politicians to put away their distrust of other countries, and allow free trade to flourish.

Length: 57 words