Mini Copy Book

Russian History

The Grand Embassy

A young Peter the Great of Russia toured Europe seeking help for his diplomatic, military and architectural plans.

Length: 109 words

Frederick Douglass

Douglass in Britain

Frederick Douglass, the American runaway slave turned Abolitionist, spent some of his happiest days in Britain.

Length: 111 words

Frederick Douglass

Douglass’s Debt

British statesmen were among those who inspired the career of one of America’s greatest men, Frederick Douglass.

Length: 54 words

Character and Conduct

The School of Difficulty

It is not educational institutions and methods that advance science or the arts, but people.

Length: 56 words

Discovery and Invention

Dr Wollaston

William Hyde Wollaston discovered new elements and helped Faraday to greatness, all from the top of a tea-tray.

Length: 53 words

Discovery and Invention

Mr Faraday

Faraday’s work on electromagnetism made him an architect of modern living, and one of Albert Einstein’s three most revered physicists.

Length: 108 words