Mini Copy Book

Anglo-Saxon Era

The Duel of the Kings

Edmund Ironside, King of England, and Cnut the Great, King of Denmark, fought hand-to-hand for one of European history’s richest purses.

Length: 117 words

Anglo-Saxon Era

The Murder of Edmund Ironside

Edric’s treason handed the crown of England to Cnut the Great, but Cnut was not so poor a judge of character as to believe that a traitor could be trusted.

Length: 59 words

Biographical Extracts

The Crimes of Mr Pitt

William Pitt was a rising star of British politics in 1741, so much so that Horace Walpole MP felt he needed his wings clipped — an operation fraught with peril.

Length: 109 words

St Bede of Jarrow

Imma’s Bonds

Imma claimed to be a harmless peasant, but there was something about him that Ecgfrith, King of Northumbria, found downright uncanny.

Length: 118 words

Tudor Era

Queen of Arts

Queen Elizabeth I’s quick thinking and command of five European languages made her a dangerous enemy in a war of words.

Length: 112 words

Lives of the Saints

A Shocking Theft

Luka had netted a nice little haul of stolen coins and antiques, but he could not resist stripping down the historic Icon of the Sign too.

Length: 59 words