Mini Copy Book

Poets and Poetry

Love’s Last Knot

Richard Crashaw offers the hope of eternity for wedded love.

Length: 48 words

Extracts from Literature

Mrs Bold’s Thunderclap

There comes a point in some relationships when words just aren’t enough.

Length: 47 words

Aesop of Samos

The Ape and the Fox

A valuable lesson when dealing with practised liars.

Length: 46 words

Aesop of Samos

The Crow and the Pitcher

Brute force is no substitute for quick thinking.

Length: 49 words

Aesop of Samos

The Debtor and his Pig

There are no lengths to which some people won’t go.

Length: 48 words

Myths and Legends

The Emperor’s New Clothes

A telling satire on fashionable thinking among the elite.

Length: 60 words