Mini Copy Book

Liberty and Prosperity

The Friendship of Trade

As Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli stoked fears of Russian aggression, John Bright said that Russia was only threatening when she felt threatened.

Length: 115 words

Classical History

An Errand of Love

Leander recalls that first night when he dared the perilous waters of the Hellespont, and swam to meet his lover Hero.

Length: 170 words

Modern History

‘Never Let Your Men Look Over the Hedge’

Employees are the key to any entrepreneur’s success, and he must know them intimately, trust them completely and pay them generously.

Length: 60 words

Modern History

‘One of That Sort, Are You?’

Henry Maudslay, the great engineer, had seen enough apprentices to last him a lifetime.

Length: 114 words

Mediaeval History

Ye’re Nae Smith!

A loyal Scotsman on the run from pro-English traitors disguised himself as a blacksmith’s apprentice, but soon gave himself away.

Length: 114 words

Thomas Medwin

Byron Swims the Hellespont

Byron felt compelled to set the record straight after it was alleged that he had swum the Hellespont the easy way.

Length: 57 words