Mini Copy Book

Scandinavian History

‘I Have No Quarrel With Any Man’

Magnus, Earl of Orkney, disappointed King Magnus of Norway by refusing to get involved in somebody else’s war.

Length: 118 words

Indian Myths

The Goat and the Lion

A herd of goats is threatened by a pride of lions, and it falls to one brave billy to face the danger alone.

Length: 113 words

Indian Myths

The Glow Worm and the Jackdaw

In this fable from India, a sly little insect teaches a jackdaw that all that glisters is not necessarily edible.

Length: 58 words

Lives of the Saints

St Mary of Egypt

Back in the 6th century, Mary was consumed by an addiction so compulsive that she would use and discard anyone to satisfy it.

Length: 116 words

Classical History

The Night Vesuvius Blew

Pliny was only about nine when his uncle left to go and help rescue the terrified townspeople of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Length: 177 words

Lives of the Saints

St John Damascene

John’s enduring influence is evident today in the rich sights and sounds of Christian liturgy.

Length: 116 words