Mini Copy Book

Abolition of Slavery

An Incorrigible Fanatic

William Wilberforce told Parliament that the more his opponents slandered him, the more he was sure he was winning.

Length: 57 words

Stuart Era

The Winter Queen

Conspiracies and dynastic expectations swirled around James I’s daughter from the age of nine.

Length: 108 words

The Second World War

The Outbreak of the Second World War

The only truly global conflict in history began when German troops crossed into Poland in September 1939.

Length: 110 words

Discovery and Invention

Abraham Darby I

To the poor of England, the Worcestershire man gave affordable pots and pans, and to all the world he gave the industrial revolution.

Length: 55 words

Stuart Era

The War of the Spanish Succession

After Louis XIV’s grandson Philip inherited the throne of Spain, the ‘Sun King’ began to entertain dreams of Europe-wide dominion.

Length: 112 words

Anglo-Saxon Era

The Arts of Fair Rowena

Charles Dickens believed that Britain’s Saxon invaders gained power by force of arms – but not by weapons.

Length: 111 words