Mini Copy Book

Character and Conduct

Class Act

On a visit to an English parish church, American author Washington Irving was treated to an eye-opening contrast between Georgian society’s Old Money and her New.

Length: 176 words

Extracts from Literature


Educational reformer Emily Davies argued that Victorian women had more to offer society than a purely ornamental erudition.

Length: 115 words

Anglo-Saxon Era

A Feast in Time of Slaughter

After winning the English crown at the Battle of Hastings, William of Normandy ensured everyone understood what kind of man their new King was.

Length: 109 words

Discovery and Invention

Observation, Analogy, Experiment

Sir Humphry Davy explains in simple terms what it is that leads to scientific progress.

Length: 112 words

Character and Conduct

Joseph Boruwlaski

William Burdon gives us a character sketch of his friend the ‘Count’, who did not let his small stature cramp his style or narrow his mind.

Length: 115 words

Character and Conduct

A Debt to a Hero

A veteran of the Battle of Salamanca in 1812 was boasting of his lieutenant’s bravery when his wife sprung some unwelcome news upon him.

Length: 114 words