Mini Copy Book

Animal Stories

Watch Dog

The doorman of a Paris theatre had strict instructions to keep dogs outside, but it was the humans they let in who caused all the trouble.

Length: 59 words

International Relations

Naked Aggression

Richard Cobden told his audience in the London Tavern that however much sabre-rattling was heard in St Petersburg, the average Russian was a man of peace.

Length: 55 words

Tudor Era

Robin Recruits a Merry Man

It was George-a-Green’s job to stop animals trampling the crops, and it nettled his pride in Wakefield’s broad acres to see some ramblers behaving no better.

Length: 174 words


Hideyoshi Changes His Mind

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Chancellor of the Realm and Imperial Regent of Japan, was inclined to encourage Christianity until he found out why European Powers were so keen on it.

Length: 113 words

Lives of the Saints

The Third Hand

John Mansur, working in Islamic Syria, thought he could safely criticise the Roman Emperor for meddling in Christian worship. But he was wrong.

Length: 176 words

Indian History

Akbar Takes the Plunge

Emperor Akbar’s court physician told his nobles that beneath the waters of a lake was a dry, cosy room, and dared them to find a way in.

Length: 57 words