Mini Copy Book

Chilean History

Earthquake in Concepcion

Charles Darwin was on hand in 1836 to witness the catastrophic effects of a series of earthquakes in Chile.

Length: 117 words

Liberty and Prosperity

Private Prudence, Public Folly

Adam Smith contrasted the Government’s handling of the national economy with the way most families handled theirs.

Length: 117 words

Welsh History

The Wise Man of Pencader

During his Welsh campaign, Henry II asked one of his allies what he thought the future of Wales would look like.

Length: 59 words

Welsh History

The Battle of Coleshill

It rankled with Henry II that Wales did not pay to him the honour she had paid to his great-grandfather, William the Conqueror.

Length: 115 words

Free Trade and Markets

Free Trade is Fair Trade

Thorold Rogers looks at how Governments have tried to make trade ‘fair’, and concludes that they would have been better ensuring it was free.

Length: 116 words

Scandinavian History

Vige, the Viking’s Dog

Vige was the inseparable companion of swashbuckling Viking warlord Olaf Tryggvason, who picked him up in Ireland.

Length: 59 words