Mini Copy Book

Classical History

The Battle of Thermopylae

In 480 BC Leonidas, King of Sparta, frustrated the advance of Xerxes the Persian just long enough to change the course of the war — and history.

Length: 116 words

Anglo-Saxon Era

The Battle of Hastings

After King Edward the Confessor died childless, Europe’s princes stepped forward to claim the prize of England’s crown.

Length: 114 words

Scandinavian History

The Luck of the Draw

Harald Hardrada made sure that his fate was never out of his own hands.

Length: 118 words

Discovery and Invention

Changing Times

The editor of the country’s most famous newspaper had to use a little sleight-of-hand to bring journalism to the people.

Length: 107 words

Music and Musicians

Borrowed Tools

Ethel Smyth encouraged writers to try to find their own words before deciding to borrow someone else’s.

Length: 111 words

Classical History

‘They Make a Desert and Call it Peace’

After the kingdoms of Great Britain were absorbed into the Roman Empire, the promises of prosperity and civilisation came only to a favoured few.

Length: 109 words