Mini Copy Book


Tough Customer

A little anecdote about a schoolmaster who wasn’t as much of a Wackford Squeers as he appeared to be.

Length: 59 words

Extracts from Poetry

Mary’s Lamb

A much-loved children’s poem, even if most of us struggle to remember more than a few lines.

Length: 60 words

Charles Dickens

Rochester Reverie

Mr Pickwick has embarked on a tour of Kent, and this sunny morning finds him leaning over the parapet of Rochester Bridge, deep in reflection.

Length: 106 words

Extracts from Fiction

The Selfishness of Mr Willoughby

Now that Mr Willoughby has been found, and found to be married, Elinor Dashwood has the disagreeable task of making sure that her sister feels it is all for the best.

Length: 118 words


Educational Ideals

Like the ideal Christian, the ideal teacher is one who spreads joy in everything, great or small.

Length: 119 words

Extracts from Poetry

Pater’s Bathe

A charming children’s rhyme that is also a test of the clearest speaker’s diction.

Length: 59 words