Mini Copy Book

Bible Stories Retold

Samson’s Riddle

The Israelites under Philistia’s rule might have blended with their heathen masters had not Samson kept stirring up trouble.

Length: 117 words


The Bluebell Line

The Bluebell line in Sussex was the first failing British Railways line to be taken over by volunteers.

Length: 115 words

Discovery and Invention

The Hollow Blade Sword Company

Seventeenth-century German craftsmen came seeking a land of opportunity, and found it in County Durham.

Length: 109 words

Modern History

The Battle of Waterloo

Napoleon’s idea of government was so oppressive that Wellington’s victory is one of the most important events in European history.

Length: 111 words

Gerard Shelley

Wolves at the Gate

Gregory Rasputin is tricked into attending a dissolute Moscow soirée, and shares his sadness with Englishman Gerard Shelley.

Length: 115 words

Sir Stamford Raffles

A Highly Polished People

Stamford Raffles, Lieutenant-Governor of Java, urged London to bypass our European partners and trade directly with Japan.

Length: 114 words