Mini Copy Book

Scottish History

St Margaret of Scotland

When Malcolm III, King of Scots, met Princess Margaret of Wessex, he knew at once that he had found a woman capable of setting an example to a whole nation.

Length: 117 words

American Civil War

The Gettysburg Address

Following a decisive victory in the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln urged his supporters to make sure that liberty’s advantage was not squandered.

Length: 112 words

American Civil War

The Battle of Gettysburg

Two years into the American Civil War, the Union army responded to a dispiriting defeat at Chancellorsville with a decisive and historic victory at Gettysburg.

Length: 115 words

Mediaeval History

The Battle of Lewes

The Battle of Lewes in 1263 took place just a few miles from the Battle of Hastings two centuries before it, and was arguably as important.

Length: 113 words

Mediaeval History

The Provisions of Oxford

When King Henry III’s barons turned up to his council wearing full armour, he realised he had to mend his ways.

Length: 54 words

Bible and Saints

The Harrowing of Hell

Will Langland tells how after the crucifixion, the soul of Christ went down to Hades to fetch Piers the Ploughman and the rest of hopeless humanity.

Length: 113 words