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Readings in history, society and literature

The Copy Book

Readings in history, society and literature
Lit. & Phil. Library, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Photo by Michael D. Beckwith. Public domain image.
Clay Lane
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Passages for reading. Read them out aloud. Paraphrase or précis them. Discuss them with friends. Does anything surprise or impress you? How does the author work your feelings? Would you use his words? How would you direct the scene in a movie — and who would your stars be?

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For Church feasts falling on May 19 in the New Style calendar, see St Dmitri of the Don.

May 6 os

Sunday of the Myrrh-bearers (1)

The Night-time Disciple

Nicodemus did not allow intellectual doubts to get in the way of what he knew in his heart.

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International Relations

A Credit to His Country

The diplomat’s task is to see the best in other peoples, not to scold them for their failings.

Lives of the Saints

The Synod of Whitby

In 664, a council at Whitby decided to align the traditions of the Northumbrian Church with those of Rome and Constantinople.

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Poets and Poetry

The Empire Within

Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley says that the pinnacle of political achievement is the government not of others, but of ourselves.

Scandinavian History

Magnus ‘Barelegs’ Tours the Isles

Barely a generation after Harald Hardrada narrowly missed out on taking the English crown, his grandson Magnus re-asserted Norway’s authority over The Isles and Man.

British Myths and Legends

The Lambton Worm

John Lambton goes fishing on a Sunday, and lets loose all kinds of trouble.

Rudyard Kipling

Kim’s Game

Kim O’Hara starts his apprenticeship as a British spy with a little competition.

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Order and Method

Borrowed Tools

The Jackdaw

Trunk and Disorderly

Keeping the Colonies

Cupid’s Arrow

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Selected Topics

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Character and Conduct

Stories illustrating noble deeds in matters both great and small, such as the noble gesture of Sir Philip Sidney, and the determination of Benjamin Disraeli.

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Tales from our cousins to the West, telling of their independence from Britain, their bloody civil war, and their runaway prosperity — and the slender thread by which it hangs.

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Stories from our cousins in the East, from Rurik the Viking and the Baptism of Rus’ to trade with Ivan the Terrible, a visit from Peter the Great, and the last Emperor.

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The British Constitution

Passages examining Britain’s sometimes baffling constitutional monarchy, and telling the story of its enemies, its champions, and its reformers.

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Stories from the ancient and mighty civilisation of India, from classical mythology to the Mughal Emperors, the East India Company and the British Raj.

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Bible and Saints

Tales from the Bible, including the parables of Jesus and the story of Esther, and miracles from the lives of saints, such as our own Cuthbert the Wonderworker.

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