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The River Volkhov and Citadel of Great Novgorod, Russia. © Красный. CC BY-SA 4.0.


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Stories from our cousins in the East, from Rurik the Viking and the Baptism of Rus’ to trade with Ivan the Terrible, a visit from Peter the Great, and the last Emperor.


Gerard Shelley

Wolves at the Gate

Gregory Rasputin is tricked into attending a dissolute Moscow soirée, and shares his sadness with Englishman Gerard Shelley.

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Bible and Saints

If Russia Gives a Lead

As war engulfed Europe, an Anglican bishop called on Russia to unite the world’s Christians around their veneration for the Bible.

Russian History

Timur in Russia

Timur, Muslim lord of Samarkand, threw his weight behind the Golden Horde’s subjugation of Christian Russia, with unexpected results.


Dmitry the Pretender

Boris Godunov was crowned Tsar of All Russia in 1598 in the belief that Tsar Ivan’s son Dmitry was dead — but was he?

International Relations

‘Nobody Wants to Invade You’

Richard Cobden told an Edinburgh peace conference that the biggest threat to the United Kingdom’s security was her own foreign policy.

Russian History

Invitation to a Viking

The interminable squabbling among the Slavic peoples around the southeast Baltic prompted their leaders to drastic action.

Russian History

The Great Northern War

Peter the Great wanted Russia to join the nations of Western Europe, but the nations of Western Europe refused to make room for him.