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Extracts from Fiction

Robinson Crusoe Goes to Sea

Hours after running away to sea, Robinson Crusoe was sorry he ever left home.

Foreign Views of England

A Day in Georgian London

A foreign tourist writes home with an account of a day in the life of a typical London gentleman.


The Right Words in the Wrong Order

Such was the reputation of the Prussian army in the days of the Frederick the Great that even foreigners wanted to join.

Richard Cobden

Statesman vs Politician

American journalist and poet WC Bryant numbered Richard Cobden MP among the world’s statesmen, not our politicians.

International Relations

Pot and Kettle

Richard Cobden wondered how the architects of the British Empire had the nerve to accuse Russia of imperialism.

Free Trade and Markets

Excess Postage

Rowland Hill calculated that a lower, flatter rate of postage would not only make the public better off and better read, but increase the Revenue.